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My ending to Stephenie Meyer’s “Midnight Sun” July 19, 2009

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For those of you who have been waiting patiently, here is my ending to Stephenie Meyer’s “Midnight Sun” which was incomplete. You need to read her version at first because mine takes off where hers ends.

The story is a companion novel to Twilight and is told by Edward Cullen’s perspective. I will never publish this because it is not my story to publish. This is Stephenie Meyer’s story. I wrote this as practice to hone my own writing skills and for my friends who longed to hear the rest of Edward’s story. No copyright infringement is intended. I just want everyone to have fun with it. If you read it, please leave me your comments – good, bad or otherwise.

Midnight Sun Part II – Kiva Johns Adkins author


23 Responses to “My ending to Stephenie Meyer’s “Midnight Sun””

  1. Kellie Ann Slone Huston Says:

    ” This was about moments, not words. She wasn’t running away and neither was I. I realized then what I had known all along, we were running towards each other.” A beautiful passage from the book I am currently reading. So lovely and perfect that it made me cry and made my silly romantic heart ache.. — Kellie Slone Huston

    Kiva’s version from Edwards perspective is so beautiful. I enjoyed it completely from beginning to end. She captured Edward’s true essence and his inner beauty, his capability to love, to protect, to be honorable. She shows his vulnerability, his inner turmoil, his struggle within..This depth within the soul of a vampire who lusts for his love’s blood even though he would die to protect her. This book moved me. If you love the Twilight series, it is a must read! If you just love a good romantic novel, this is for you too..

  2. Khrystja Says:

    I could not stop reading this. This is the ending we’ve all been waiting for but had no promise it would come. Now I feel complete. The writing is excellent and follows Stephanie Meyers format to a T! The writer has a true gift, please read this story you won’t want it to end.

  3. La Tua Cantante Says:

    This ending to Stephenie Meyers Midnight Sun is so beautiful and by far, the best attempt at following SM’s lead that I have seen. This gorgeous work of fiction does not lead you astray and keeps you satisfied all the way through. Edwards Point of View is facinating and I think this is quite possibly the real ending to Midnight Sun. I love Stephenie Meyer but I think she will have a difficult time living up to the expectations of the fans after they’ve read this version. I can’t wait to read more:)

  4. Roxana Says:

    I am very much enjoying your continuation thus far… I just finished the Meadow scene and I loved it! I feel it was definitely in line with Stephenie Meyer. There was a passage that I loved especially…

    “Hearing her heart and feeling her warmth as the wind gently blew her hair against my face was so comforting. This must be what it was like to be a child, surrounded by the safety and warmth of its mother’s womb.

    When I was certain I had proven to myself that I could handle that level of intimacy with Bella, I released her. I was at peace. I had always been so certain I was destined for hell. At that moment I couldn’t imagine heaven being any more beautiful or perfect than it was right there, in our meadow, together.”

    That, to me, beautifully illustrated him coming out of his “doom and gloom”/”I’m a monster” mindset. She is his angel and at that moment the meadow becomes their special place. I look forward to reading more. Thanks so much for sharing this story…

  5. Ashnoelb Says:

    Every since I read Midnight Sun I have been hoping and praying that she would finish it. Well it just so happens my prayers were answered but in a different way. 🙂 I came across this site called Twilight Disorder and made some great new friends. Well Kiva told me she had written her own ending and I couldn’t wait to read it. It was so beautiful. It captured Edward’s essence and is just so lovely to read. Thank you so much for answering my prayers!

  6. This story left me feeling complete. I had read Stephenie Meyer’s Midnight Sun and I loved having the Twilight Story from Edward’s POV… , but then I learned,with great disappointment, that she hadn’t finished the work and would not be any time soon. Well I got what I was wishing for here in Kiva’s ending to Midnight Sun. She has a gift and in sharing it, has given myself, and so many others, another taste of the saga that has drawn us all into it’s world. She has kept the characters true to Ms. Meyer’s story, and has kept the timeline true also. More often than not other authors have taken liberties with the story and it’s characters and I personally have a hard time with reconciling their ideas, etc. with the images and interpretations that I’ve formed from the original. If you truly love the Twilight story as Stephenie Meyer wrote it, and you’ve been waiting for the continuation of Midnight Sun then this interpretation is for you!.
    I loved it and cannot wait to read more from Kiva!.

  7. Cindi Says:

    Thank you. My soul can rest at last. Ever since I found the 1st piece of Midnight Sun on SM’s website, I have read it over and over again, wishing desperately that there was more. Kiva, you are incredibly talented and have captured the essence of Edward perfectly. I loved all the other books, but this one seems much deeper than the others, the poor soul having had 100 years to ruminate over his (imagined) wrongs. If ever anyone wants to know what love is, this is it. Thank you again, Kiva, you finished the book wonderfully, I didn’t even feel a hitch going from one to the other. Any chances of you doing an “Edward” version of New Moon? Now THAT would tweak my interest-buds!!

    • bluegrasscache Says:

      Yes, Cindi. I have just begun Edward’s Perspective on New Moon. I have found there is no place I like being moe than in Edward’s mind.

  8. Shana Campbell (kscocoa) Says:

    Like everyone else I have been longing for the ending to Midnight Sun. I joined Twightlight Disorder and found out Kiva had wrote an ending to Midnight Sun. I was so excited and I was not disapointed! She kept Edward true to character and followed along the path Stephanie had started. Kiva is very talanted and now I’m way excited because I’ve always felt Stephanie should write all the books from Edwards point of view and to learn Kiva is working on New Moon now…OMG I can’t wait! Thanks Kiva for helping all of us who are not so talanted be able to get deeper inside Edwards head!

  9. Sherry Says:

    This is great! you did an amazing job! thank you for that I have read the firs half on Stephenies web site and couldnt stand not having an ending. Now I do!!!!!

  10. Alice Says:

    First off thank you so very much.♥ Your job on this piece was by far the best I have seen to date. You captured the very essence of every one in the Twilight saga. I look to your work in the future and hope you one day too will have a break between the worlds of your own…..

  11. Sarita Says:

    I really loved what u did. Itwas amazig. I reall just hoped it wud have gone though Newmoon, Eclipes, and Breaking dawn in edwards veiws and though lke u did here. cause I think S.Meyers might have done the same if it was cmming from edwards point of view fromm all the Sagas ot just one. SO I hope U might do one 4 newmoon and on casue I reallywant2 see it from his point of view when he left bella when he thought she was dead, the volturi, when they came back 2 forks.the who thing with jabob, the newborn vampires,, Victorie and riliey, when bella sad she wud marry him, thewedding, bella pregnant, reneeseme, the battle with the volturi again andall thatso I hoep u will finish that 4 use cause I have readall the books and what did 4 edwards point of view 4 Twilight and I hope u might do it for Newmoom, Eclipes, and breaking dawn . Please PleasePlease reading it just gives me great joy and makes my day bettr and fill my mind with great thoughs and clears my head when my day is bad so it is just sumthing 2 think about. But love what u did and I just hope u continue

    • bluegrasscache Says:

      You are incredibly sweet. It is a labor of love for me. I love Edward and I love being in his head. I feel like I get him and I want to know everything from his perspective. Black Moon is coming along slower than I would like because I am so excited about the movie but I also think I can’t rush it. It will be done soon and I promise to share it with you. I am just grateful for people that appreciate Edward the way I do. P.S. I love Eclipse so much I will be doing that too.

  12. Sarita Says:

    Really u will be doing Eclipes too. I m really happy 2 hear that. I am extremly excited right now 2 hear that. Here are both of my emails and my twitter so u can send me an message when u finish. Black Moon and anythng else u might be workng on. , and AndI completely look towards reading anything new u wok on and send out. They have u written anything else I can read till u finsh BlackMoon?

  13. Sarita Says:

    I am just being honest . and Really u will be doing Eclipes too. I m really happy 2 hear that. I am extremly excited right now 2 hear that. Here are both of my emails and my twitter so u can send me an message when u finish. Black Moon and anythng else u might be workng on. , and AndI completely look towards reading anything new u wok on and send out. They have u written anything else I can read till u finsh BlackMoon?

    • bluegrasscache Says:

      I really will do Eclipse and that should go much faster since I adore it so much. I have nothing else other than Midnight Sun. That was the first thing I had written in book form. I will let you know as soon as I finish Black Moon.

  14. Kiva, your writing style is an inspiration, you really know how to keep us readers on the edge of a great read. The way you get so involved is unbelievable. You can get into Edward’s mind so easy, its like he belongs to you 😉
    I’m looking forward to you next book, Black Moon ( Glad that Jacob isn’t in it much) and Yay that it’s not far for the Premier of New Moon.
    And thank you heaps for being my inspiration for writing!

  15. Kissa Says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I read this last night in 4 hours. It was really really REALLY good! It gives me a sense of closure and peace about MS.

    I am looking forward to what else you do. I desperately need more fixes… Twilight has become a obsession that I just can’t get rid of. I work at home as a website designer and it is seriously cutting into my productivity. It’s so easy for me to just “peak” into my favorite fan sites to see what’s up and then I am in there for hours.

    • bluegrasscache Says:

      Thank you so very much. I wrote it because I needed closure. I am half-way done with my New Moon story from EPOV, then on to Eclipse, my favorite.

  16. Tvesha Singh(Alezxand) Says:

    Oh my god. i have to say u are amazing. today i spoke to u on twitter not knowing just how good u were at writing. anyway, i am really speaking no one to comment on ur work. But u were great! keep working.

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